Welcome to Trauma Thrivers! I am so glad that you’ve made it here. I'm Lou Lebentz, founder of Trauma Thrivers and between myself and the team, we would love to be a part of your unique transformation and look forward to assisting you in thriving through your trauma.

We know it can be a tough and challenging journey to overcome the threat within our nervous systems. It’s not easy learning how your history may have affected you and discovering how to come into the body, regulate your emotions and find a semblance of peace at the same time takes time.

We also understand just how disruptive trauma can be, both on an emotional and physiological level. Fortunately, we know the potential freedom that comes from making peace with your past and ultimately, the liberation that follows when we decide to address our trauma and open ourselves up to the limitless possibilities that life has to offer - this includes resting more in the present moment and becoming better able to envision a brighter more empowering future for ourselves too.

The kind of future that is free of trauma, shame, separation from others and suffering. Allowing you to discharge the threats within your nervous system (and body) thus enabling you to become the person you were always meant to be, not just a trauma survivor but a trauma thriver too!

Trauma Thrivers was set up for those of us who have experienced childhood trauma whether it be sexual, emotional, physical but also any form of neglect. And who despite doing some of the work to heal our past traumas (and ourselves) and even with some progress made, may still be finding it difficult to step fully into alignment with our true selves, re-discover our voices, become visible in the world, feel valuable and ultimately take back our power and fully thrive.

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Thriving is our human right. We deserve to not only survive whatever past traumas we have experienced but to come out the other side and fall in love with our lives again. This is all possible. The process of transformation begins with helping you overcome the traumas you have been through and all that it has created in your life. The negative ramifications of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on the nervous system are profound. However, we believe that with help and support, you can release the trauma, find your voice and power, and ultimately heal and move forward with your life. We hope that one day you might even become supporters, advocates and change-makers for other survivors of trauma and help end the legacy that any form of adversity can imprint upon the minds, bodies and souls of those affected.



We are planning weekend inspirational seminars for trauma survivors. Teaching you the 6 key phases to overcome any form of trauma. The seminar will give you a whole host of tools and techniques to help you begin to lessen the hold trauma has on your mind and your body and help you decide if the online programme is right for you too. Get in contact for more details, coming soon.  

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Online Course


To go from surviving trauma to thriving feels like a big step and one in which we need help to flourish and blossom into our shining self.  This 7 week online course will get you upscaling your inner worth and expanding your true self into the world. For more details stay tuned as it will be being released in Summer 2020 

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Facebook Group


Why not join our private Trauma Thrivers Facebook Forum and become part of our thriving community with lots of great contributors, advice, talks and support.

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We are planning retreats later on in the year. So for a much deeper dive into the body, and your trauma why not come with us so you can safely release held and stored trauma in the body. Our retreat will be held in a tranquil, safe space with a great degree of therapeutic skill and a healing environment with other people supporting your journey. Register your interest by emailing us at info@traumathrivers.com

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Survivor to Thriver

From Survivor to Thriver

We believe that it IS possible to overcome the effects of trauma. And myself and the rest of the Trauma Thrivers team are passionate about showing you how to do just that. We have a lot of insightful information to share so please make sure you sign up below to receive our newsletters, blogs, vlogs and mailings. We are also available on social media too and have set up an amazing Facebook community group called 'Trauma Thrivers'. A place where we share our experiences, thoughts and ideas and we’d love you to join us!

Trauma Thrivers Program 2021

In beginning of 2021, we will be offering an online Trauma Thrivers program designed to not only be cost-efficient, but accessible to all of those who need it. The program will be delivered in a series of weekly online sessions and will make up part of an exclusive group of trauma survivors. Those that have already worked on their trauma and are willing to take the next steps towards long-lasting recovery. We advise that you keep a lookout for updates on the program as we will be rolling out release dates very shortly. We feel really passionate about sharing the message that there is support and help available out there.

We would also love it if as many people as possible could share our passion and start spreading the word that you can face your experiences and history head-on, learn from those experiences and begin to heal the scars from the past and to thrive.

We hope that our programs, seminars and retreats are applicable to you. But if they are not, you may know of someone else who’s been affected by their traumatic experiences, in that case, this website (and our group and programs) may help them. So please feel free to share our details, we'd love to help as many people affected by trauma as possible. 

Also, if you do have any professional or personal experience of trauma which could further support others, then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you and how you might like to get involved. We sincerely appreciate all offers of support, suggestions and potential collaborations.

Trauma is a big field and yet there is still so much work to do and many people to help. Together we are always stronger and we hope can build a network with each other.